I Am Your Mirror reviews

Praise for

I Am Your Mirror

Mirror Neurons and Empathy



“This work is a must read for anyone involved in the mediation or crisis intervention field; or for that matter, anyone who must interact with people on a daily basis. People are inclined to manage psychological distress by believing in the credibility of those whom they must depend upon to get them through their misfortune. Rizzato and Donelli have provided a blueprint for motivating human behavior by providing awareness of our own telegraphed mannerisms and gestures, and have brought basic active listening skills into the third dimension. By mirroring positive and empathic emotions in difficult encounters, people will almost always respond with promising outcomes.”

~ Lieutenant Jack J. Cambria

Commanding Officer, NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team


ForeWord Reviews logo 2013 red 

“This book helps people better understand their emotions, which builds community and quality of life. Unspoken emotions and our actions unite and inspire the people around us. The future of human relations rests on a better understanding of the rapid fire contagion of mirror neurons.”

~ ForeWord Reviews




richard cheu


“This book is a reminder to everyone who works in health care of how their behavior affects everyone they meet. Compassionate healthcare providers can improve the outlook of patients, caregivers and family members who are often burdened with negative emotions.”


~ Richard Cheu

Author of Living Well with Chronic Illness

Neurophysiologist – Hospital Chaplain


jocelyn elise crowley

“In I Am Your Mirror, Rizzato and Donelli take a potentially complex topic and make it extremely accessible to any reader. The book is wonderfully engaging as it both educates its readers about the science of mirror neurons, as well as offers practical advice for individuals to improve the quality of their daily interactions.”


~ Jocelyn Elise Crowley, Ph.D.

Professor of Public Policy, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Author of Mothers Unite!, The Politics of Child Support in America, & Defiant Dads


“This is a gem of a book because it packs the treasures of new science in a brief format…Reaching across levels from tiny neurons to world peace, I Am Your Mirror is destined to become a valuable addition to many educational formats…”



~ Johanna Wolfson, Ph.D.

California Board of Psychology Licensed Psychologist

Albert Einstein School of Medicine of Yeshiva University Graduate



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