I Am Your Mirror: my book


I Am Your Mirror was born primarily from the deep friendship between two young “seekers”: Matteo and Davide come from different backgrounds but they share a desire for self-improvement and a yearning to communicate the fruit of their research to as many people as possible. Both are convinced that the future of human relations must include the knowledge of the discovery of mirror neurons, because these are the basis of the understanding of others. According to Matteo and Davide, if everyone understood the significance of how mirror neurons operate, we would all be more united, more aware of ourselves and the moods of others, and this knowledge would generate an immediate evolution of relational dynamics in groups, organizations, families and especially within ourselves.

Scientists have discovered that when we see another perform an action mirror neurons are activated in our brains, and this makes us “live” the observed action just as if we were doing it ourselves. Have you ever seen someone yawn and felt the desire to do the same, or at least “live” the gesture of others as if it were your own? Just like when we see someone eating a delicious cake and can almost taste it ourselves, even salivating? Well, this also happens with emotions. When we observe sadness we feel sadder, and when we see the pain of others we understand their suffering. The revolution lies in the fact that emotions are contagious. If we encounter negative people, we tend to become negative ourselves. This is why it is essential to understand our own state of mind, so that we can understand what other people feel when they see us. We are all mirrors, and often when we see others who are stressed it is because they have seen that we are. I Am Your Mirror is specifically designed to be a kind of handbook for using this extraordinary system, which enables individuals to achieve incredible improvements in their understanding of others.

The authors are proud to say that the preface to the book was written by Prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti, one of the world’s greatest neuroscientists and the first to discover the existence of mirror neurons.



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