About Me

matteo rizzato rizzolattiMatteo Rizzato is 38 years old and is a professional coach, certified in NLP New Code. He has a degree in Political Science and a Ph.D. in Food Science. After working in sectors ranging from banking to public institutions, he specialised in communication, particularly with ourselves. In 2006, he improved his studies into mirror neurons and empathy. Since then he has continued to examine ways to deepen his understanding of the dynamics that drive interpersonal relationships, in particular by developing the potential of emotional intelligence. He works as a consultant for international companies, and when asked, “What do you do?” he likes to answer, “I’m the one who gives you the tools to live more peacefully.” In 2009, he met Davide Donelli, a passionate medical student who was also fascinated by mirror neurons, and the two became great friends. Together they approached Prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti and in 2011 published I Am Your Mirror with his authoritative preface. Matteo continued his research into the most advanced dynamics in the field of relationships and developed a number of collaborations within corporate structures aimed at innovation in the dynamics regarding relationships between human resources. He has lectured at prestigious Italian universities on the topics of marketing, social empathy and the dynamics of communication, the brain and alimentary experiences. He also collaborates in the team of Professor Alessandro Sensidoni, an authority in food science and technology.


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